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Winning Kids

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What does our kids need for winning?

Richard David Bach. Born in June 1936. Globally known for his book Jonathan Livingston Seagull. This novel was published in 1970, after being rejected several times. Between 1972 and 1973, remained for 38 weeks on the list of Best Sellers New York Times.

The winners are not born winners, but rather they are made along the way. One of the most significant factors is that they believe in their minds and hearts they can, as well as the quote of Richard Bach. They understood that the path to reach the goal will be face obstacles and they must work to overcome them.

Then if we want our kids to become winners, we must teach them to believe they can. Believe in themselves, and teach them they have the skills to overcome the obstacles life will put before them.

Despite not achieving their goals at first, our job as parents is to teach them that obstacles are set to be overcome. That at times is not only cross the finish line first, we must teach them that enhancing little by little also makes them winners.

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