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eBook: Keep Going! – A Guide to Facing Obstacle for Kids – Children’s Values eBook

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Keep Going!


A Guide to facing Obstacle for Kids
Modeling the Success of Michael Jordan
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Mayra A. Díaz  (Author)  –  Lic. Mariola Young T. (Foreword)

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Keep Going! A Guide to Facing Obstacle for Kids.

Is a story that teaches, in a different way, to the little ones of the house, that we all make mistakes, we miss, and sometimes we fail. Our children will learn that, when faced with obstacles in their life’s path, with perseverance, they can get up, learn from their mistakes, and keep going.


From the I can, You can, We all can book series

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P.S.  Just imagine! With this ebook you can take advantage from your  smartphone, tablet, laptop or electronic device to share quality time with your kids by reading uplifting stories of real life heroes with messages that will make it easy one of the most important jobs as parents to instill values with love using real life examples.

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