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Mission of all Moms

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 The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

–Eleanor Roosevelt

As mothers we sometimes try to fix what is wrong in our kids, wash your teeth well, wash your head, when you paint you must not get out of the line, etc, etc.  Although we must help our kids to improve over time our mission must be directed to find those special skills that  our children have and help them to develop to the fullest.

 Truth is that our kids are learning and improving with each passing day. The middle of my kids, bite his toothbrush, the toothbrush in one week seemed to have a year of use, then one day he said «Congratulate me, because I do not bite my toothbrush anymore,’ I was shocked. The following day I ask him what does he did to stop biting his toothbrush,  ‘Easy, the new toothbrush is one of my favorites and I do not want to have to change so fast,’ of course I know what toothbrush I will buy next time.

One of the lines that I liked most comes from Martin EP Seligman in his book «The Optimistic Child» at the end of the book when he talks about Raising Children he says ‘Raising children, I realize, is more than just fixing what is wrong with them. It is  about identifying and amplifying their strengths and virtues, and helping them find the niche where they can live these positive traits to the fullest.’


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