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Facing Hard Tasks

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How do we teach our kids they can learn?

Virginia Satir. (26 June 1916 – 10 September 1988) was an American author and psychotherapist, known especially for her approach to family therapy. She is widely regarded as the «Mother of Family Therapy.» Her most well-known books are Conjoint Family Therapy,  Peoplemaking, and The New Peoplemaking.*

As I read this quote from Virginia Satir since so many years ago, I heard myself counseling my kids that they can learn and improve in everything that they intend in life. But it’s so easy to say, for example, one of my kids do not like to play football, but of course he does not like it because for him is not easy to run with the ball or kick it.

Many times I try to give him encouragement, but my efforts did not help my son at all. So I wondered over and over again, But if I’m trying to give him encouragement, why he gets more sad or annoyed? Time passed and my kids showed to me that they can see the reality, in fact my child can see that he is far from being a good player. 

Then, I found for my family and for me the best way to teach them that they can. The key is to teach them what to say to his brain. I explained to them that the brain is the brightest computer that exists on earth and that this super computer is going to do whatever we tell it to do. So that when they find something they can not solved or easily learn, they must tell to his own brain the following, «maybe this is a little hard, but I can learn it or solve it, little by little» that is the way to teach your brain and body that has the ability to learn and to deal with situations they may face.

You may wonder if my son already likes soccer, not really he only likes swimming, but he was practicing alone with the ball  a couple of days ago and for me it is more than enough. As the quote from Virginia Satir says we must teach our children to believe on themselves and believe that they can, so they can learn what they propose in life.

It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.

William James

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* Fragment of Biography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia_Satir

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