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Ebook to Teach, Inspire and Motivate.

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Ebook to Teach, Inspire and Motivate.


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In this children’s ebook your kid will learn that:

We all make mistakes, and sometimes we fail, even Michael Jordan.
They will know the importance of learning from their mistakes.
Overall, kids will start to see mistakes and obstacle differently. As an opportunity to learn.


Children´s book that teaches to the little ones of the house, that often difficult situations and events happen and victory is not always in «win». This ebook teach them to focus on the goal, stand up and finish what we started.


Children’s ebook that teaches little ones at home that those who have pursued their dreams had to overcome lot of obstacles along the way.  It teaches them that dream and then just wait for our dreams to come true is not enough, we must also work to turn those dreams into reality.


Discover the Hidden Treasure is a ebook that narrates as a third grade teacher shows her students the importance to discover their natural abilities.

She also teaches them not only to find out what those abilities are, but rather shows that everyone should strive day after day to get better, in order to improve.

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