My name is Mayra, but for my friends and family I’m Mayrita.  Well my mom and I share the same name and because I’m the youngest I got the tiny name.

I love kids. If you see a woman in the supermarket line and there is a kid in front of her, you can bet I’m the one who is making the kid laugh.  And if I see a baby, and of course if I know the mom, I will offer my hands so the mom will rest a bit, well the truth is that I love to have a baby in my hands.

But (here goes the part) when my own kids start having five and six years old, I felt I was losing control. They were on they own, and I was becoming the grumpy mom all the time. So I decide to learn to be a better mom, and after a couple of years of experience with my own kids I decide to share all my knowledge with all the busy mom that are getting crazy like I was getting in that time of my life.

So I create the I can, you can, We all Can book series which are the stories that I tell my own kids to help them cope with the problems of their age + quotes that have a special meaning for me and my way of putting them into practice + some of my own stories and what I learned from them.


I remember I want to be Miss Universe, so went they ask me, If you have a magical twig what do you wish for this world? And I will have my super answer prepared “A better word for the kids.” Well that was long time ago, but I still have the dream to help my own kids to grown up believing they can be the best in anything they choose to be, and because I believe in the abundance of the world I want to share my dream will all the moms that want the same for their own kids.


After graduate from school I study Electronic Engineering, later I start working in a Developing Software Cia.  Because EE was not enough for me (in my heart I was probably finding my passion) I took an MBA and a Specialty in Finance by that time I was working in a Bank. I got married with my super Ian-Ian, and after a couple of month the Banks was acquired and everyone in the Banks was laid off.

I start working in a retail company pregnant (without knowing) of my first child.  At the 11 week of my first pregnancy I had surgery; they take out a big teratoma that was on my right ovary.  My first kid was born healthy and eleventh months later I was expecting my second child.  And when my second child was 6 month, I was expecting my third child.  People always ask me if we haven’t any TV in the house.

When I was pregnant of my second child I stop working, the retail company was also acquired and I do not want to go all over the same process again. I start thinking that the Universe wants me to stay home with my kids and I just fallow my heart since that time.


  1. I thank God every night for my family.
  2. I do my best in everything I do, not more not lest.
  3. I love to watch movies with my kids; I specially love Panda Kung Fu.
  4. I love when my husband scratch my back.
  5. Our family pet is a turtle, named Oogway (as the Panda Kung Fu turtle).
  6. I live five minutes from my mom house.
  7. I love to eat chocolates.
  8. When I was in high schools I write some poems, too sad I lost them.
  9. I use to play tennis and now I walk with my kids trying to do some exercise.
  10. I love to wear jeans.
  11. I wear make-up just for special occasions. 
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